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Peterborough parkrun

14080991_10154382892678187_751960061_nWhere the rubber hits the road……

Every Saturday there is a 5km parkrun at Ferry Meadows, our local country park. Several times recently we have volunteered to take photos of all the runners. It’s a lovely time and a very social thing

Several friends have asked when we are going to run it rather than watch and I just laughed.

But last time we went a friend was doing her 100th run and asked if we would join her that week. Again I laughed. I’m no runner. The last time I ran was at school and I was never very keen on it even then. But the great thing about parkrun is it’s not a race so speed is not important. You can run or walk or do whatever you like as long as you finish

Speaking to her afterwards, her enthusiasm was contagious and when I left her I decided I would walk it. She mentioned a date in October when she hoped to walk rather than run and asked us to walk with her.

And I’m going to do it!

Not only that but I plan to do it before October so when she asks us, we are already prepared and experienced.

So yesterday, on one of the hottest days, I set off to walk home. I got about half way and the got the bus. But hey, everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Next job; buy some trainers rather than these silly shoes.

Watch this space


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