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The allotment

13522495_10154237740838187_1987508178_nWe went to a friend’s allotment to collect some plants and cuttings that he had to spare. I’m no gardener but thought I couldn’t go wrong with some rhubarb bushes and strawberry plants. They have a huge area to look after and it looked like a lot of hard work to me. What struck me though was that it was secluded and almost hidden and would be the perfect spot for some ‘me time’. I imagined having a little square patch of land, with maybe a small shed with bunting flapping in the breeze. A flask of tea and some nice chocolate. Digging and planting did not feature in my plans, just sitting and watching and chilling in the sunshine. ……………………..

But life isn’t like that is it? We don’t usually benefit from others hard work if we only sit and watch. I love other people’s quotes and I saw one recently that summed this up.

‘A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there’


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