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Handbags at dawn

Why are handbags such a gender specific thing? Why do women need to carry round all this stuff 24/7? Men only seem to need wallet and keys and put anything else in their partner’s bag anyway. When we went to a wedding once I had to take an extra large bag to carry my husband’s spare camera lenses, what’s that all about?

A quick inventory of my bag showed the following life essential items……money, comb, mirror, perfume, tissues, pills, snacks, gum, keys, sweets, pen and paper for those never ending lists I love to write.

Even on my wedding day I carried a small purple bag, specially made for the occasion. Inside was my front door key (why….?), a miniature bottle of brandy (for emergencies) and some chocolate (of course, what else would I need?)

A few years ago I had my bag stolen. I used to carry loads of stuff and I lost everything which took a good deal of sorting out. I stopped using a bag at all after that and only took some cash with me. But sure enough I upgraded to a bag again after a while, even if a scaled down version. So ladies, take a look in your bag, and if you can’t afford to lose it, leave it at home! This might also help with that nagging back problem, for goodness sake, how much does all that stuff weigh?




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