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The car

13598959_10154252695143187_401467401_nWhen I was growing up, my parents had the same car the whole time. A blue VW Beatle and I can still remember the number plate, an H reg. When I started work my boss was telling me that when the new number plates came out that August he was going to buy a new car. I asked him why and he said he got a new one every two or three years. This seemed amazing to me as I imagined everyone lived as we had, and that you kept your car until it wouldn’t go any more! But no, apparently people changed their cars frequently for no other reason than because they could. And why not?? He also told me that cars were money pits and that once you buy a car you would never have any money. This must have had a huge impact on me because on the strength of that one comment I have never bought a car to this day!

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