You never know what’s coming….

You never know what’s coming

Many years ago I went out with a chap. Let’s call him F. One day as a present he gave me a ring. All very nice, you might think. The thing was, it was a wedding ring. He didn’t think I would know it was a wedding ring and I was too quiet and shy to tell him. I was obviously a bit too quiet though and he knew something was wrong. After a while, it came to light that he had previously been engaged to a lady and had bought the wedding ring in readiness for their marriage. Things had not worked out between them and they had parted.

And so he gave the ring to me, things between us did not work out either and we parted. I kept the ring. He subsequently married someone else. I sometimes used to wear that ring as it reminded me that we never know what is coming in life. He had made plans to marry but ended up with someone else. I also married someone else and often wonder why I wasted my time on anyone else. Whatever we think is in store, life often has a way of surprising us and we wonder how we never saw it coming. I often think of that band of gold and what it taught me.13530320_10154231703408187_57872190_n



It’s not all about me

It’s not all about me

As the only child of an only child, with one husband and no children, I sometimes think it’s all about me. Isn’t it?

But this blog will not be all about me. It will not be my life story, my fears and failures, hopes and dreams, regrets and secrets, successes and proud moments

It will be about things I see and stuff I hear, things that happen to me, and about the people I know and care about. So instead of me, it could be all about you!

Last year on my birthday I said I wanted to write more. With just a month to go to my birthday this year, at least and at last I’ve made a start. So here goes, let’s see what happens…… share the journey with me

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